• ” When I first met Chay I was in bad shape and out of options. For many years I had bac…k pain but neglected it and by the time I got to the root of the pain I discovered I had 2 deteriorated discs, L4-5 and L5-S1. The L5-S1 was so deteriorated that it had a tear in it. The pain was so bad it was affecting all aspects of my life. At the time my daughter was was only 4 years old. I knew I had to do something as my quality of life was quickly deteriorating. For the next 2 years I tried everything. I started with physical therapy. When that didn’t work I tried epidural and sacroiliac joint injections. When that didn’t work I tried a couple of radiofrequency ablation procedures. If anything, the pain only got worse. Painkillers were my next resort, and they were strong. Although it would relieve the pain, I would have to keep taking them to keep the pain away. I knew that I couldn’t live life this way, I wasn’t able to give my daughter the time and attention she needed. Sometimes the pain would get so bad that I couldn’t sit in a chair or lay down in bed without screaming out in pain. Sometimes I couldn’t even get out of my car. I would have to call someone to help me get out. I was desperate and things were looking very bleak. That’s when my doctor suggested trying yoga and referred me to Chay. Little did I know how dramatically she would change my life for the better. She was able to understand my physical limitations and she very carefully and effectively started to help me heal. We started by meeting 3 days a week. At first all I could do were breathing exercises and very light stretching. It was very slow work, but I stuck with it and she was a wonderful support for me, both physically and emotionally. It’s been a long journey, but within a year I was more mobile than I had been in a decade and virtually pain free. Today, almost 3 years after I started working with Chay, I am the strongest I have ever been in my life. I can even carry my now 8 year old, 65 pound daughter up the stairs and feel no pain. I am able to live life to it’s fullest and give my daughter the best of me. This would never have happened if I hadn’t met Chay . She is a wonderful, caring and compassionate person that has changed my life and I can never repay her for all she’s done for me. I continue to work with her and have no intention of every stopping. Thank you Chay, from the bottom of my heart.”- Alex Stone
  • Ioana, my youngest, yet wise beyond her years & unstoppable client. - Ioana’s parents first approached me over 2.5yrs ago. I had never worked with anyone who had this rare condition called arthrogryposis, so I wasn’t quite sure I’d be… the best fit. That is until I personally met with Ioana, looked into her bright beautiful eyes and I just knew that as long as she was willing to do the work & communicate honestly with me, there was no way I was going to walk away! Initially, she was a reverse breather, her breath was shallow, her eyes would dart around insecurely, she could not move her toes and had very little of what we call body awareness (term we use when people are unable to consciously control/feel a part of their body when bringing awareness to it).

Throughout our time together, she has evolved in SO many ways. Her breath is smooth and deep, her focus is spot on, she peacefully closes her eyes to bring awareness inward, her toes and legs (though leg bones are fused and only has one knee with partial movement) are moving and she often asks me to help her find ways to get into some of the fun postures she sees people do in the magazines, or online. She’s written school papers about yoga/meditation/pranayama, yogic philosophy and how she’s benefitted from all of it. I am so proud of the young woman she is and all of her accomplishments, beyond what I’ve mentioned.

This has been a true partnership and she has stepped up to plate. Last year she was presented with the Joey Alvord Spirit Award for exemplary leadership and character at The Able Trust’s Florida Youth Leadership Forum (a four-day leadership and social training event for high school students with disabilities). Just a few weeks ago, she was voted 1 of 6 ladies on Plant High School’s Prom Court.

Though both her parents are physicians, she aspires to be a lawyer, and she is well on her way!

  • “Chay …I never thought I would take an individual yoga class but now I see how, if I were living here permanently I would add individual classes regularly. You’ve accelerated my appreciation and understanding of how I can use all aspects of yoga to heal my back. Your descriptions are just so clear. Thank you. ” –  Richard
  • “I’ve been attending your Flow classes and leave every time feeling spiritually awakened and more in tune with myself.” -  Karena
  • “Grateful for your illuminated spirit and how it shines through in your creative teaching….your humility, poise and grace are an inspiration to me on and off of my mat.”-  Clare
  • “Chay, I wanted to write and thank you for the positive experience I had practicing yoga in your classes. I went from barely able to walk out of your class (at the beginning) to now being able to achieve most of the positions. And even now, though challenging, I make the most progress.” -  Phil
  • “I just wanted to email you and thank you for always guiding your classes through such an amazing yoga practice. You truly have an inspiring and healing energy. I feel so thankful to have you as a yoga instructor in our community.” -  Tricia
  • “Please let me say that your teaching and sharing in class is a phenomenal experience. I so very much appreciate your work.” – Jon
  • “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class a couple of weeks ago. You are an amazing teacher!! I have always heard that many people get emotional during yoga class but I had never experienced that until your class. I honestly do not remember everything you said, but it definitely moved me. We all tend to get so wrapped up in day to day life and I am very hard on myself, often expecting too much. Whatever it was that you said made me feel so much better and reminded me how important “balance” and being “present” is. You are truly gifted.” -  Jenifer